The History of the Legendary AGV Helmet

The History of the Legendary AGV Helmet

As a Motorcyclist, you will have unquestionably run over the name AGV, most likely because of the way that one of the world’s most popular motorcyclists wears them strictly, Valantino Rossi. With the crazy plans and the notable number 46 painted on them, they are practically difficult to miss and the 7 time best on the planet wears them with satisfaction. Anyway the historical backdrop of the organization goes as far back as the 1940’s and doesn’t begin with the improvement of what is presently known as one of the best motorbike protective cap organizations on the planet.

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In 1946, Amisano Gino Valenza began an organization planning and assembling calfskin seats and cowhide bicycle seats and it wasn’t until 1947 that they entered the cruiser head protector market. They got going by trying different things with various strategies to make a creative head protector which was not normal for some other delivered previously. The ubiquity of these protective caps developed quickly, predominantly in the game hustling world, because of motorcyclists needing a more particular and imaginative plan. The organization highly esteemed continually making progress toward an option that could be superior to the one recently created and this prompted them being pioneers in the advancement of the cruiser protective cap.

AGV Helmets protective caps positively shaped history in 1949 with the first since forever calfskin shelled, open confronted cap being planned and delivered. Past to this, no other organization had planned such a protective cap and soon it turned into a notorious move which was copied by different organizations. It wasn’t until 1953 that the primary fiberglass vulcanized protective cap was delivered what gotten going the chain of improvements prompting the head protectors we would perceive today. The first ever completely fiberglass open confronted protective cap was created a year later and surprised the world.

It was the improvement of the first completely fiberglass head protector which prompted the organization being approached to help construct a declining ski cap for the 1km downhill ski speed record. With their ability, they had the option to create one of the best ski protective caps ever constructed which cooked explicitly for this suffering game. With the achievement of the ski cap, AGV moved these abilities into the bike market which finished in the primary actually full confronted fiberglass cap. It was this that turned into the plan for the head protectors we perceive today.

The AGV brand has been publicized through the steady utilization of the head protectors in the cruiser hustling world. These caps have been trusted to ensure the heads of title holder motorcyclists, for example, Barry Sheene, Giacomo Agostini and all the more as of late Max Biaggi, Troy Corser and the unbelievable Valantino Rossi. Rossi has even taken to planning his own one of a kind and luxurious styles which are incidentally delivered for the retail market as imitations of the first.

AGV have stayed a particularly conspicuous element in the bike protective cap history because of the reality they consistently make items appropriate for an assortment of purposes from street and city riding to proficient hustling. They have created caps best in class and made them accessible for everybody to utilize.