Make Smoking Cessation Easy

Make Smoking Cessation Easy

About Champix

Varenicline Tartrate is the active ingredient in Champix anti-smoking medication. Champix has been successfully designed and formulated by the world renowned pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer Inc. The first drug preparation of its kind, Champix is a prescription medication exclusively meant for smoking cessation. In addition, this drug has been studied for compatibility to become the most significant therapeutic advance over existing therapies and has shown superior success rate.

Champix therapy has been most effective in encouraging smokers to give up smoking sincerely. Simultaneously, it has aided doctors who now want to help more and more smokers become smoke free.

The revolutionary ingredient Varenicline is exclusively designed and formulated for blocking the effect of nicotine in the brain. It functions on the areas in the brain that are usually affected by nicotine. This in turn helps smokers in a couple of ways:

It provides recompense from nicotine effects and eased withdrawal symptoms by blocking the nicotine effects if smoking is resumed. Those who are still looking forward to quit smoking must definitely give Champix a chance and then feel the difference.

Why Champix to quit smoking?

Champix is the drug of choice because it contains the active ingredient ‘Varenicline tartrate’ which is a nicotine receptor antagonist. By attaching itself to those receptors in the brain that are normally used by nicotine, Varenicline fools the brain into thinking that it has received a dose of nicotine. This satisfies the urge for a smoke without the brain actually being fed any nicotine. Thus, the craving for a cigarette is fulfilled without actually smoking one.

Champix, in clinical trials, has proven to be highly effective as it takes away both the pleasure derived from smoking and the rewarding effect nicotine exerts on the brain. The basic action of nicotine is to boost the production of dopamine in the body and Champix acts in a similar manner. It increases the amount of dopamine produced by the body and so helps lower the craving for smoking.

How does Champix work?

Champix basically works by activating certain receptors in the brain and Buy Ibutamoren MK-677 blocking the attachment of nicotine to these receptors. As a result, Champix is able to prevent the reward feeling that comes when smoke is inhaled. Without the proverbial ‘kick’ dependency on nicotine gradually decreases and this enables a smoker to give up smoking with ease and without undergoing any withdrawal symptoms.

Champix Dosages

Champix is fairly simple to take as it comes in weekly dose packs. There is a starter pack which lasts 2 weeks and it consists of 0.5mg tablets and 1mg tablets which are coloured differently so that it can be recognized easily. These are to be taken as shown below:

Day 1-3: One 0.5mg tablet (white) daily
Day 4-7: One 0.5mg tablet twice daily (morning & evening)