How to Properly Kick a Football

How to Properly Kick a Football

If you want to have a good kick off, you first need to learn about the proper techniques in kicking a foot ball. But knowing how to kick a football is just a part of the whole thing. You still need to know how to handle distractions from the opposing team. Having a great mental strength is a very important skill for being a football kicker. So what are the proper ways on how to kick a football?

When performing a kickoff or kicking a field goal, you need to set up the football before finally kicking it. Position it on the tee that is almost perpendicular to the ground. It should be a slightly angled toward you.

Next is to set up a field attempt that is if you want to score. Get to a holder kneel right on the opposite side of ball that you are running from. Place the football with the laces forward and away from you. The ball will then be almost perpendicular to the ground and slightly angled toward you. The holder on the other hand needs to place his palm or the tips of his index finger and middle fingers on the top side of the ball.

Third step is to take three steps back away from the ball. In case you will be using your left foot, take around two and a half steps to the right. If you are going to kick with your right, take two and a half steps also to the left. This will give you more focus on the ball so that you don’t have to run on a curve patent but just straightly as you are going to kick it.

As you are going to run towards the ball before you kick it, start stepping เว็บบอล ดีที่สุด on the foot that you aren’t going to use for kicking. That way, the other one will gain force as you use go two and a half steps away from the ball. The last step would be for the kick.

Place the non-kicking leg steadily around 1 foot to the side of the football. Your foot will then be pointing in the direction on which you want the ball to go. This is if you are going for the goal post.

As you kick the ball, always keep in mind to kick with the top two inner shoelace holes of your shoe. That will create a maximum distance.

For putting a football, all you need to do is stand 15 yards from behind the scrimmage line and the catch the ball as the center will snap it to you. You need to hold the ball after that positioned horizontally in front of you with its laces pointing upward.

Take a whole two steps forward with you kicking foot in the beginning. Kick the ball as you drop it and use the top of your foot to kick as hard as you can. This will allow lots of flexibility.